Q: Are all your baked goods gluten free and vegan?
A: They’re all gluten free, but we have a variety of vegan and non-vegan items.

Q: Can I still get “regular” desserts at Cookie Bar?
A: No, but after years of scientific and palate research, we’re confident you won’t miss the gluten.

Q: How do I know that your stuff is really gluten free?
A: We take every precaution to ensure our products are gluten free. We use only certified gluten free flours, and ensure that our other ingredients are gluten free as well. We use single origin ingredients whenever possible (a fancy way of saying we don’t use mixes).

Our staff is trained to be sensitive to cross-contamination of both menu items and their personal effects. Additionally, we random test our products to make sure nothing has slipped in somehow, using Gluten-Tox or EZ Gluten testing protocol.

While we exercise every possible precaution to ensure cross-contamination is at an extreme minimum, it is impossible for us (or anyone, for that matter) to ensure 100%, since theoretically an airborne gluten particle (33mer) could float in on a windy day. We strongly recommend if you have a serious gluten or dairy allergy you should consult with your physician first.

Q: Why do your gluten free menu items cost more than the regular ones?
A: Unfortunately, because of the additional labor and few sourcing options, gluten free flours cost approximately 20 times more than regular wheat flour. And since we use higher protein, higher fiber grains like amaranth, sorghum, quinoa, and teff, instead of the cheap, starchy ones (white rice flour or potato starch), it cost us a lot more than those other not-as-tasty gluten free desserts you might see on store shelves.
We have made every effort to source ingredients in the most cost efficient manner. We do offer quantity discounts.

Q: I have a lot of allergies. Can I have copies of your recipes?

A: While we don’t share our recipes, we have compiled an ELISA 184 1gG Food Panel Allergen List for items here. This way, you’ll know which of the 184 allergens are in which items, and can choose the appropriate products. We’re allergy sufferers ourselves, and will do whatever we can to help! Check back, because we do update often.

Q: I’m allergic to nuts!
A: We sympathize, but we are NOT a nut free bakery. While most of our recipes don’t contain peanuts or tree nuts, some do. While we sterilize equipment between batches, we do bake in common ovens, and there are peanuts and tree nut products on premises. We advise you to consult with your physician. 

Q: Do you use GMOs?
A: Are you kidding? A big NO, with the exception of candy bar flavors (Butterfinger, Peanut Butter Cups, etc.) and the buttercream frosting in our layer cakes, which contains minute amounts of cornstarch.

Q: Is there any aluminum in your products?
A: No again. We use Rumsford Baking Powder, which is aluminum-free.

Q: Are your items kosher?
A: While we don’t use non-kosher ingredients in our desserts, we currently do not have Kashrut certification.

Q: Can you make desserts with bacon?
A:  We have not joined the bacon bandwagon. I mean, once the bacon ice cream sundae has made it to your favorite fast food chain, it’s pretty much over. Also, see above.

Q: Do you decorate cakes or other desserts?

A: Not at this time. It’s difficult finding decorating supplies that are all natural and gluten free. We do offer some colorful, lead-free birthday candles that seem to do the trick.